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Nepali Mato - Art Exhibition 2079 - Blog - Om Frame House

Nepali Mato - Art Exhibition 2079

Group Exhibition of 37 Nepali Artists

"Art not only feeds the soul but also gives us a sense of purpose in life"

Om Frames have been interacting with artists and witnessing various types of artwork for a long time. We have served reputable artists as they frequently visit us for quality frames. As a result, we feel compelled to comprehend and go deeply into the thoughts and concepts behind the artworks they create. 

Some of our friends suggested that we start an art initiative that will support Nepali artists and their art. They, time and again,  advised on how to start this event. In response to their recommendation, we invited a few artists for dialogue. After a few meetings, all of us came to an agreement to start the exhibition that is taking place right now.

The young as well as the senior artists have contributed greatly to this exhibition and cannot be contained in any boundaries, we have loosely themed this exhibition in order to give it a structure. The theme Nepali Soil aims to explore the unrestricted creativity that has existed in Nepal for a long time. Artists in this show have explored a wide range of subjects with this theme, from historical themes to contemporary and even postmodern ideas.

The artworks that the artists presented are astounding, since they capture the heart of the concept while also depicting Nepaliness visually. The metaphors the artists portrayed are fascinating, some displayed landscapes, others portrayed the Buddha in unique ways, ans still others portrayed motifs that are infrequently depicted in paintings. This exhibition, we trust, will undoubtedly amaze and inspire the visitors as much as it has impacted us because of the variety in its presentation.

Finally, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all the artists and the helping hands of this show. We are incredibly happy to be of assistance to the artists by providing them with quality frames for their creation. Just like well-made clothing might do for a person, we firmly believe that a frame also enhances both physical and spiritual attributes of an artwork. We are forever committed to helping artists and the arts in Nepal.